Aadatha Aattamellam 2009

The film begins with Ashok (Ravi Ganesh) being urgently transported to the hospital by his sister Sudha (Jenny Jasmine) and his brother-in-law Kannan (Rishi).

Sudha and Ashok are orphan siblings. When their parents committed suicide due to debts, Sudha had to support her little brother ; so she had to raise him like a mother. In addition to working hard at school, Sudha worked in a petrol station. The years passed by, Sudha became a bank receptionist and Ashok grew to become a basketball player. Ashok and his college mate Divya (Bharathi) fell in love with each other. First reluctant, Sudha accepted to get married to Kannan, a marketing manager. What matters the most to Sudha was her brother so she imposed one condition to Kannan : that her brother lives with them after the marriage. They eventually got married but after the marriage, the things don’t turn out as she expected, the in-laws refused her condition. Ashok was then forced to live in his college hostel where he became a drug addict. Ashok could neither perform well in basketball games nor focus on studies and was eventually suspended from his college. So Sudha took him to her home but the situation had only worsened, his addiction hurt his entourage. Ashok was then rejected by his friends, his girlfriend and even his sister. During an argument with his sister and his brother-in-law, Ashok accidentally fell off a building. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Genre: Drama


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Quality: HQ