Aadama Jaichomada 2014

The movie is about unraveling the identity of the mysterious ‘Albert’, who heads the spot fixing operation for the IPL Matches in Chennai. The Chennai Police Commissioner (K. S. Ravikumar) gets a tip off that Albert plans to fix a bowler to spot fix a specific over in the semifinal match of the IPL. He informs his officers to be sharp and on the lookout for ‘Albert’ or any clues leading to Albert. Dhayalan (Balaji Venugopal), Albert’s agent, uses a taxi belonging to Panneer (Karunakaran) to travel all over Chennai, his motive being to confuse the police by constantly travelling and confusing the GPS locators. Dhayalan and Panneer bond and swap life stories. Panneer drops Dhayalan at his hotel and is asked to return the following morning. When Panneer goes to Dhayalan’s room the following morning, he saw Dhayalan dead with a knife in his chest. This brings Inspector Bhoominathan (Bobby Simha) and his sidekick Constable Mariadas (Chetan), who arrest Panneer as a suspect for murdering Dhayalan. However, Panneer is whisked away by a film producer (Aadukalam Naren), who comes in the guise of a Maharashtra Police Officer. He wants Panneer, who is the last person to have seen Dhayalan alive, because he wants to place a bet on the match to win big and pay off a producer (Radha Ravi) to whom he owes several crores. Eventually, the police sets a trap for Albert with Panneer playing a major role, but the plot turns awry when Albert manages to get away with it and with Panneer winning two crores from his bet, which he uses to set up his own call taxi company, and his wife Rama (Vijayalakshmi), who sets up her own restaurant. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 5.6