7/G Rainbow Colony 2004

The movie begins with Kadhir (Ravi in Telugu version) (Ravi Krishna) on his way to work. People stare at him and laugh behind his back as he travels to his office. He appears distracted throughout the day and even instructs his assistant to postpone an important meeting with a big client. He then waits for someone at the Beach with a bouquet of flowers. His best friend, Lakshmi (Suman Shetty) sees him and asks him whom he is waiting for. Kadhir explains he is waiting to meet his girlfriend, Anita (Sonia Agarwal) for their date. In flashbacks, we are shown how Kadhir first met Anita.
Kadhir belongs to a lower middle class family, living with his parents and younger sister in Rainbow Colony in Chennai (Telugu version as Brundavan Colony in Hyderabad). He is perceived as a good for nothing person as he skips classes, fails in exams, and gets involved in fights. Kadhir believes that his father (Vijayan) (Chandra Mohan in Telugu version) hates him and often quarrels with him, even threatening to leave the house, only to be persuaded not to do so by his mother (Sudha). Kadhir’s life changes when a once well lived family moves into the same colony due to loss in business. Kadhir is attracted to the daughter to his new neighbour, Anita. Although he tries to woo her, Anita treats him with disdain. One day, Kadhir confesses to Anita that he loves her. He tells her that having always been ridiculed, he found respite in the fact that she at least bothered to look at him. He promises to wipe her thoughts out of his mind, as he is not right for her. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 7.8