3 2012

The film opens with a funeral partaking in an apartment where the police are involved saying he doesn’t understand the motive of the murder of Ram. His wife Janani hallucinates about her husband running away. She recalls memories and it continues with a flashback when Ram and Janani were 12th-grade students.
While she was from a middle-class family and Ram at that time lived with his father who was a businessman and his mother. After he saw Janani he helps fix her bicycle (it was raining heavily) but at the same time has a crush on her. He tells his friends Kumaran and Senthil about it they were from different schools but same tuition. One night he and Senthil stalked Janani and was caught by her father as he questioned them both. He slapped Ram and scolded Senthil for lying and warned them. Nevertheless, Ram visits Janani before he could ask she reciprocates his love. Janani’s sister Sumi makes sure her parents aren’t aware their secret love. The story returns to reality while Janani has a teary conversation with her mother about Ram. Soon she slept having a dream about when her family has a visa to go to the US and she had to go. When Ram heard this he decided that she could leave him. Instead of leaving him she appeared near him. He said she burned her passport and her mother disowned with a slap. She then urged Ram to marry her because of their five-year relationship. So he told his mother then urged his father who did agree and gave them a flat.After their marriage, Ram persuaded that her family to come and see her for she felt uncomfortable.He made a promise to not hurt her or allow anyone to. Ram and Janani were pleased with their life and were happy together. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Genre: DramaMysteryThriller


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Quality: HQ


IMDb: 7.2